We sincerely hope our website is informative and that you will find Candlewick a fun and beautiful place to live.
We are located at 13400 Hwy. 76 Poplar Grove IL. We provide family fun and activities for all ages.
We have many events for the whole family throughout the year,especially our 4th of July fireworks right on the lake.

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Candlewick Lake Association
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Snowmobile / ATV Reminder
Candlewick Lake Public SafetyRESIDENTS OF CANDLEWICK LAKESnowmobile / ATV Reminder:The Public Safety Department would like to remind our residents of the following rules regarding snowmobiles and... [more]

Townhall Meeting
Townhall MeetingFebruary 21, 2015, 1:00 PMLakeview RoomTOPIC OF DISCUSSION:RULES AND REGULATIONSProposed Rules and Regulations are available on-line and at the Administration Office. [more]

Pace RideShare

Pace RideShare
Click the more link to find out the details... [more]

Savannah Oaks Club House Closed for the Season.
Savannah Oaks Club House Closed for the Season. [more]


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